Re-Focus. Re-Position. Re-Ward.

Re-Source Solutions is not your everyday consulting company. Our sole focus is on personal and professional growth and development. No bells. No whistles. No fluff. We simply focus on what matters – PEOPLE!

Our Services

Executive Coaching

Designed to help people move forward by partnering with them as they examine where they are versus where they have the capacity and capability to be.

Organizational Consulting

Tapping into strengths and qualities the organization already possesses, we work to propel people and the organization to the next level with a practical plan of how to get there.

Workshops & Trainings

We provide opportunities for organizational leaders and followers to roll up their sleeves, let down their guards, and get in the trenches of the “how-to” of building their team.

Keynote Speaking

We connect with diverse audiences on a variety of topics by engaging them to think beyond the surface and inspiring them to live a life of authenticity & purpose.

Introducing Our Newest Addition!

Get ready for lots of “head-shaking” discoveries, a few “whoop-whoop” moments and some “finger-snapping” epiphanies. That is exactly what you’ll have while reading, The Voice Positioning System: 7 Ways to Harness Your Power & Master Your Influence.

Let us partner with you to grow your capacity!