During Campaign 2016, I have listened to speech after speech, after speech. I have listened to words filled with opinions. I have listened to words filled with anger. I have listened to words filled with disrespect. I have listened to words filled with disregard. I have listened to words filled with lies. I have listened to words filled with accusations. I have listened to words filled with disillusionment. I have listened to words filled with insensitivity.

But, above all of the other words I had heard during Campaign 2016, I was most appalled as I listened to the media’s sound bites of excerpts of a 2005 recorded conversation between Republican Party presidential candidate, Donald Trump and former “Access Hollywood” host, Billy Bush. I sat in disbelief as I listened to the vulgarities spewing out of the mouth of Donald Trump related to his perceptions of women and what he had the ability to do with them and to them.

As his words swirled around in my head, my disbelief quickly turned to indignation. My indignation led to a barrage of questions in the form of incomplete sentences, “What in the world…?!” “How could anyone…?!” “Who in their right mind would…?!” Flustered by my thoughts and with no means of answering my half-questions, I was left only with feeling the piercing personal impact of Mr. Trump’s words.Confused Woman - Re-Source Solutions

Adding insult to injury, in the days that followed the airing of the Trump/Bush conversation, there were only more words – more and more words. It was as if someone threw a match on a pile of words that were already soaked in gasoline. The media’s sound bites intensified, as it brought us up-to-the-minute coverage on an onslaught of words. As I watched the “words-war” escalate, I had one of those moments, created in movies where everything goes silent and the character is left with her thoughts – Yes, I had one of those moments. And in the quieting of the noise from all the words, the Scripture in Luke 6:45 came to mind,

“…the mouth will say what is in the heart.” REPEAT – “THE MOUTH WILL SAY WHAT IS IN THE HEART.”

In an instant, I reengaged with the television and the noise from the words returned. But now, instead of just hearing words coming out of their mouths, I heard hearts speaking. I saw lips moving; but I heard hearts speaking. What a powerful revelation. Rather than trying to get answers to the barrage of questions in the form of incomplete sentences, I realized that the answer was not solely a personality issue, a character issue, or a mental issue. It was a heart issue.

As the poignant words from Luke 6:45 permeated my mind, I considered the truth that our voice behavior is directly linked to the condition of our heart. Our words reflect who we are at the core. Even when we attempt to hide behind counterfeit personas and manufactured fronts, our hearts still speak. Whatever comes out of your mouth, informs others of what your heart is full of. Our mouths serve as the portal through which the contents of our hearts is revealed to those who are listening.

Now…I have an entirely different perspective on Campaign 2016. When I hear the words of those who speak and those who have spoken, I know this stuff is really coming from the heart. And when hearts speak, if we’re wise, we will listen.

My name is Dr. Katrina Spigner…and I approve this message.

“One ought to hold on to one’s heart; for if one lets it go, one soon loses control of the head too.”
― Friedrich Nietzsche