Customized Workshops & Trainings

Re-Source Solutions Hosting People-Building Workshop

Re-Source Solutions’ customized workshops provide opportunities for organizational leaders and followers to roll up their sleeves, let down their guards, and to get in the trenches of the “how-to” of building themselves and each other. The workshops are focused on identifying individual strengths, learning how to cultivate those strengths, maximizing possibilities, increasing productivity, and achieving positively impactful outcomes. Through customized learning opportunities facilitated by Re-Source Solutions Coaches and Consultants, our workshops and trainings focus on individual strengths and opportunities for transformational growth.

Because it is our belief that people matter, we invest our time and energies in the organization’s greatest asset, its people. Our workshops provide learning experiences that are interactive, innovative, and creative. These workshops are not “workshops as usual” – rather they are workshops “unusual.” It is here where the greatest and most sustainable change happens.

Learn how we can partner with you to help the people around you Re-Focus, Re-Position, and realize great Re-Ward.