Personal Transformation Workshops

Happy Group at Re-Source Solutions Personal Transformation Workshop

A significant component of Re-Source Solutions’ work is focused on convening and providing learning opportunities for women. Whether focused on personal or professional growth, our Personal Transformation Workshops provide space for women to connect and engage in meaningful ways.

Covering topics that are unique to women, the Personal Transformation Workshops open dialogue for women, invite the voices of women, and catalyze the purpose in women. Facilitated by dynamic Re-Source Solutions Coaches and Consultants with amazing stories of defeat, victory, failure, success, loss, and accomplishment, our workshops offer opportunities for deep revelation, rejuvenation, and transformation.

Speaking to issues of power, silence, voice, purpose, authenticity, faith, leadership, inclusion, and more, our Personal Transformation Workshops invite women to step into their courage, embrace their possibilities, and move forward and upward for positive impact. In short, participants leave knowing one thing for sure – their lives matter and they will never be the same again.

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