The Poverty Factor™

The Poverty Factor™ Training Curriculum

Whether we encounter it on a daily basis or choose to believe that it has no impact on our lives, poverty in our world is a part of our reality.

The Poverty Factor, created and facilitated by Re-Source Solution’s, Dr. Katrina Hutchins and Senior Consultant, Kimberly Jowers, is an interactive experience that is designed to help individuals, leaders, organizations, institutions, and communities examine the experiences of people living in generational poverty, discover hidden personal biases and develop strategies for change. This training curriculum provides a deeper understanding of the challenges and needs of people in poverty and the know-how to partner with them to create successful outcomes that build healthy individuals and communities.

Poverty Factor Training Options:

One-Day Training (six hours) – This highly experiential and interactive session takes a deep-dive into the exploration and examination of mindsets associated with socio-economic class and the barriers and opportunities presented by each. In a format designed to catalyze critical thinking and engagement, participants are invited into brave dialogue with the intent to help them see those living in generational poverty through a new set of lenses and to develop strategies and theories for programmatic change.

Half-Day Training (three hours) – This session is interactive and invites participants to explore and examine mindsets associated with socio-economic class and the barriers and opportunities presented by each.

Poverty Factor Consulting:

After participating in a six-hour Poverty Factor training session, organizations may choose to consult with Poverty Factor facilitators in brainstorming, visioning, and creating plans of actions. Re-Source Solutions helps organizations realize new opportunities that have been untapped.

The Poverty Factor Testimonials

“The ability to expose team members to the experience so that they also have a better understanding of who we serve and how to serve them better.”

“I greatly appreciated the presenter’s willingness to address tough issues without making anyone feel judged.”

“Very enjoyable and informative. One of the best workshops that I have ever attended.”

“The presenters were excellent and they worked together seamlessly. I hope more people from our agency can attend this workshop.”

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