The Voice Positioning System (VPS)™

Harness Your Power, Master Your Influence

Your VOICE is more than your words. It’s your attitude, your disposition, your demeanor, your presence – your ACTIONS. Dr. Katrina Hutchins (Dr. K) has focused her research on the power of women’s voices. As a result of her findings, she has developed the “Voice Positioning System (VPS) ©” The VPS is designed to help you identify, explore, and navigate the complexities of managing your voice. If you are ready – really ready, let Dr. K guide you as you harness your power and master your influence!

Voice Lessons Coaching Session

This 45-minute session with Dr. K is designed for those who simply need a boost or a sense of direction on their Voice journey. The session gets right to the heart of the matter in just 45 minutes.

Voice Management Coaching Package

These three one-hour sessions (via phone) of “Voice Coaching” with Dr. K help you gain clarity and develop strategies for using your voice effectively in your professional and personal life.

Voice Positioning System (VPS)™ Coaching Package

The VPS is designed to help you identify, explore, and navigate the complexities of managing your voice. The system includes six one-hour sessions, six laser-coaching sessions, unlimited email correspondence, and more.

Voice Lessons Foundational Course

This system is designed to help you explore, identify, and navigate the power of positioning your voice in a way that allows you to harness your power and master your influence!

The Voice Positioning System (VPS)™ Book

The newest addition to the Voice Positioning System is now available! Purchase “The Voice Positioning System (VPS)™: 7 Ways to Harness Your Power and Master Your Influence” today!

VPS Testimonials

Thank you for speaking the truth, shaking us gently, but powerfully, by our shoulders, looking lovingly into our eyes, daring us to say, I will LIVE and not Die. I will light the match to ignite the embers that Vocalize who I am Everyday. Thank you for handing us the match. -Robbin Parks

Dr. K taught me that my voice is my compass, not someone else’s to manipulate. – Andria Cox

Learning to stand confidently and comfortably in my voice, love it! This is powerful! Thank you for this moment to empower and impart wisdom, knowledge, and inspiration! Love & Blessings to you! – Vanessa Harrison Williams

I died in silence a long time ago. Thank you Dr. K. I’m finding my passion again. – Althea Tucker Benson

Dr K. She is truly very empowering and educational. – Selena Ann Page-Black

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